Summer Hours
Monday-Friday: 9:00-6:00
Saturday: 9:00-5:00

Weekly Update 7/06/2020

Available in the market:
Glen-Glo Yellow Peaches, Sugar May White Peaches, Sweet Cherries, Blueberries, Donut Peaches, Super Sweet White Corn, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Squash, Zucchini, Spring Onions, Cabbage, Sweet Onions, Potatoes, Watermelon, Cantaloupes, Kale and Salad Mix.

Pick Your Own Update:
Peaches: Our early yellow peaches (Sentry & Starfire) were hit hard by the freezing temperatures in April and early May. We will have some available for picking but it will be a limited amount at first. We are hoping the first variety will be ready in about 10-14 days. We will keep updating as we know more.

Blackberries: They are growing quickly because they love this heat. We are estimating 7-10 days and we may be able to start picking. Of course there will be more quantity for picking later on in the month as more ripen.

COVID-19: We are taking measures to keep our employees and customers safe during this difficult time. You will find that we have remodeled inside and have our baked goods at the far end of the market where we will be glad to assist in serving you. For those individuals who prefer not to come in and shop, we are offering curbside and pick-up service with our online order form. We have markings on the floor at the check-out for social distancing and will be sanitizing carts, keypads, and door handles throughout the day. Hand sanitizer is available at each counter. The playground is open and we ask that you please have your children use the handwashing station (located on the playground) before and after playing. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Relax while sitting on the front porch in our rocking chairs and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. Or go on an adventure, by purchasing containers and going out to pick your very own fruits and vegetables (check for availability throughout the season). We have many picnic tables, so feel free to pack a lunch or purchase food from our food building when it is open (every weekend July-October).

PET POLICY: Dogs are not allowed inside the market, but are welcome on the rest of the property. Please make sure they are on a leash at all times and provide cleanup when needed.

Family Fun and Treats for Your Tastebuds!

Inside the market there are a variety of products to choose from and don't forget to check out our bakery and the apple cider donuts. Wrap up your visit with a stop by our "Sweets Shop" where you can get fudge, hand dipped ice cream, or fruit slushies.

Family Fun
Family Fun

On our playground you will find a large play set (with climbing wall, jungle gym and slide), a play set for the "smaller tots", spring rides, a sandbox, a large ship, a tractor and wagon, a castle, and a climbing dome.

Our Orchards
Our Orchards

Currently the orchard consists of 325 acres of apples and 15 acres of peaches (yellow, white and donut). We have several different varieties of plums and have recently planted 5 acres of pears.

Home Baked Goodness!
Home Baked Goodness!

Visit our farm market bakery and get your fill of sweets to eat. We offer a wide variety of baked goods daily including our famous Apple Cider Donuts. Some items may be seasonal or by special request only.

Home Grown Goodness
Home Grown Goodness

We also grow damsons and apricots which are often hard to find in Virginia. Peaches and plums are available from July 4th through Labor Day. Pick-your-own (P-Y-O) apples begin September 1st.